Welcome to the Education Innovation Committee

The College of Engineering Education Innovation Committee (EIC) promotes the development and adoption of evidence-based teaching and learning methods in Engineering at UW-Madison.  Full list of responsibilities.

The Education Innovation Committee (EIC) invites high-impact, innovative proposals that improve the College of Engineering (COE) undergraduate student educational experience.  The proposal receipt deadline for 2017 is 5:00 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Spring 2017 Request for Proposals

Education Innovation Showcase News Article

Education Innovation Showcase Keynote Talk by Dave Franchino

UW COE-EIC Showcase Keynote | Dave Franchino: Where are we going and why are we going there in the first place?| 4.22.2016 from Discovery Building on Vimeo.

Dave Franchino – BSME alumni and president of Design Concepts, a Madison based strategic innovation firm – shared his thoughts on future scenarios for engineering education and what’s needed from tomorrow’s graduates based on what he has seen in his practice.

EIC Committee Membership for 2016-2017

  • Michael Arnold, MS&E
  • Naomi Chesler, BME
  • Dante Fratta, CEE
  • Dan Klingenberg, CBE
  • Wayne Pferdehirt, EPD
  • Heidi Ploeg, ME
  • Barry Van Veen, ECE (Chair)
  • Jake Blanchard, Executive Associate Dean, (Ex Officio)


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