University of Wisconsin–Madison


2017 Request for Proposals

2017 Budget Template Excel Format

2016 Funded Projects

  • Andrea Hicks (CEE) and Kathryn Kalscheur, “Designing for Environmental Sustainability.”
  • Scott Williams (Wisconsin Energy Institute), John Murphy (EP), Michael Cheadle (ME), and Giri Venkataramanan (ECE), “Projects in Energy and Sustainability,” (funded jointly with the Wisconsin Energy Institute).
  • Kristofer Dressler (ME), Greg Nellis (ME), and Corrine Henak (ME), “Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Retain Underrepresented and At-Risk Students in Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison ME 151: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering,” (funded jointly with the Mechanical Engineering Department).
  • Eric Codner (CBE), “Microfluidic Fabrication Facility for the COE Maker Space,” (funded jointly with the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department).

2016 Request For Proposals

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