The College of Engineering Education Innovation Committee (EIC) promotes the development and adoption of evidence-based teaching and learning methods in Engineering at UW-Madison. Full list of responsibilities.

The Education Innovation Committee (EIC) invites high-impact, innovative proposals that improve the College of Engineering (COE) undergraduate student educational experience.

In addition, we host various opportunities for college and university faculty and staff to share best practices and learn new strategies for enhancing teaching and learning. For example:

UW COE-EIC Showcase Keynote | Dave Franchino: Where are we going and why are we going there in the first place?| 4.22.2016 from Discovery Building on Vimeo.

Dave Franchino a BSME alum and president of Design Concepts, a Madison based strategic innovation firm shared his thoughts on future scenarios for engineering education and what’s needed from tomorrowa’s graduates based on what he has seen in his practice.

EIC Committee Membership for 2018-2019

  • Riccardo Bonazza, EP
  • Paul Campagnola, BME
  • Dante Fratta, CEE/GLE (chair)
  • John Lee, ISyE
  • Wayne Pferdehirt, EPD
  • Izabela Szlufarska, MS&E
  • Victor Zavala, CBE
  • Jake Blanchard, Executive Associate Dean, (Ex Officio)