Education Innovation Showcase

Keynote Talk by Dave Franchino

UW COE-EIC Showcase Keynote | Dave Franchino: Where are we going and why are we going there in the first place?| 4.22.2016 from Discovery Building on Vimeo.

Dave Franchino a BSME alum and president of Design Concepts, a Madison based strategic innovation firm, shared his thoughts on future scenarios for engineering education and what’s needed from tomorrow’s graduates based on what he has seen in his practice.

Suggestions Received at the Idea Boards

11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., April 22, 2016

H.F. DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

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More than 170 individuals registered for this highly interactive, fast-paced event and:

  • Found out about a new data visualization center being planned for the 1st floor of Wendt Commons and provided input,
  • Learned about the vision and plans for the Grainger Design Innovation Laboratory (makerspace),
  • Made recommendations on Design Innovation Center equipment purchases and policy development,
  • Saw plans for the new instructional space on the 3rd floor of Wendt Commons and provided feedback,
  • Interacted with representatives of other makerspaces and equipment vendors,
  • Learned more about innovative teaching practices pioneered by colleagues and how you can apply them in your teaching,
  • Talked with UW-Madison Vice Provost Steven Cramer about campus efforts and priorities in education innovation,
  • Found out about exciting new opportunities for summer instruction,
  • Heard an inspiring talk on what is needed in the future of engineering education.

IOT Lab Quadcopter
The College of Engineering is launching an emphasis on project-based experiential learning and the Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Laboratory is part of the single-largest education investment in College of Engineering history. Help create the future of experiential learning and education in the college by giving us your feedback and engaging your colleagues in a discussion of possibilities. The EIC will be actively soliciting your ideas and opinions throughout the event. Register now to reserve your place at this important event!


Walking Lunch Exhibitors

Next Generation Education Infrastructure

  • Data Visualization Center: 1st Floor Wendt Commons, COE Computational Infrastructure Committee and Education Innovation Committee
  • The Grainger Design Innovation Center, Jake Blanchard, Sharon Devenish, Barbara McPherson, Jaal Ghandhi, Beth Meyerand, Charles Allhands, and Joe Krachey
  • Idea Board, COE Education Innovation Committee
  • Garage Physics at UW-Madison, Professor Duncan Carlsmith (Physics Department)

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Educational Innovation in Action

  • The Infomatics Skunkworks, Liam Witteman, Josh B Perry, Aren Lorenson, Henry Wu, Dane Morgan
  • Engineering Hangouts: Practicing Online, Realtime Engineering Presentations in a New EPD 275 Course for Co-Op Students, Laura Grossenbacher, Cristina Matta

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UW Campus Educational Innovation

  • Campus-wide Educational Innovation Initiative, Steven Cramer, Caitlin O’Brien (Provost Office)
  • New Framework for Summer Instruction, Keri Johnson, Sara Kluender (Division of Continuing Studies)

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