EIC Charge

The EIC is charged by Dean Robertson with:

  • Transforming the undergraduate curricula such that it enables our graduates to assume leadership roles in their chosen profession.
  • Identifying the opportunities that should be explored to engage and partner with other colleges and schools to enhance our educational mission and preparation of our students.
  • Broadening the educational experience beyond traditional classroom boundaries and disciplines.
  • Leading in educational innovation such that we optimize delivery and enhance the learning experience. Consideration should be given to advances in online learning opportunities, how they may influence the future of traditional colleges and what role we will play in the future.
  • Enhancing the success of transfer students and ensuring all incoming students have the necessary and appropriate backgrounds.
  • Funding the undergraduate experience. Differential tuition, online degrees, etc
  • Providing lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Transforming the graduate curricula to prepare them for success.