Next Generation Education Infrastructure

Data Visualization Center

COE Computational Infrastructure and Educational Innovation Committees

A data visualization center is being planned for the first floor of Wendt Commons. It is anticipated this facility will provide support for classroom instructional activities and be available for student-led activities. A?Likely equipment includes high-end, high resolution display capability as well as high-end video recording infrastructure and equipment. This center is in the very early planning stages and college input is requested.

The Grainger Design Innovation Center

Jake Blanchard, Sharon Devenish, Barbara McPherson, Jaal Ghandhi, Beth Meyerand, Charles Allhands, and Joe Krachey

The latest Grainger gift to the College of Engineering will, in part, allow us to build a new Design Innovation Center (“makerspace”). The goal is to build a facility which will foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking among our students. We have drafted a set of policies and capabilities that will guide the initial construction and are seeking your feedback as we begin to lay out the space. Current plans are to feature electronics (controllers, circuit boards, etc), mechanicals (3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, etc.), and team building infrastructure (break-out rooms, ample work space, etc).

State-of-the-Art Instructional Space: Wendt 3rd Floor Renovation

Barbara McPherson and Sharon Devenish

The third floor of Wendt Commons is being converted into large, interactive classrooms complemented with smaller instructional and student collaboration spaces. Plans for the third floor transformation are being devised in coordination with plans for the new Design Innovation Center (“makerspace”) on the second floor of Wendt. The third floor classrooms will supplement the fourth floor WisCEL teaching spaces and emulate some of the best features of that interactive instructional environment. A?They will also provide increased interactive instructional capacity on the College of Engineering campus. The third floor Wendt Commons project is made possible by contributions from The Grainger Foundation and is targeted specifically toward improving the College’s classroom environments. Feedback from faculty and instructors is sought as design plans for the Wendt third floor space are being finalized.

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write a college essay, clomid reviews. Idea Board

Education Innovation Committee

We want your ideas for making the COE Makerspace all it can be. An idea board will be available to collect your ideas, suggestions, and concerns. These will be collected by the Education Innovation Committee and used as input to faculty and staff planning the COE Makerspace.


Randall Hulke and Mike Cropp (UW Stout)

UW-Stouta??s FabLab director Randy Hulke, manager Mike Cropp, and students will share their experience supporting student projects via their FabLab. The exhibit will include a desktop injection molding machine created by students, a curriculum project leveraging scalable models for the manufactured housing industry, and a digital display presenting additional student projects supported by the FabLab.

Garage Physics at UW-Madison

Professor Duncan Carlsmith (Physics Department, UW-Madison)

Garage Physics is a makerspace that provides students an unstructured safe environment to explore technologies and to develop creative ideas through project-oriented just-in-time learning.

Internet of Things Lab at UW-Madison

Raj Veeramani and Thomas Yen

The Internet of Things (IoT) Lab engages multidisciplinary teams of students in experiential learning to explore, design and innovate with IoT technologies and develop functional prototype solutions to real-world problems. The IoT Lab’s novel approach to student learning has gained wide recognition including in an exclusive video feature by Forbes.

College of Engineering Student Shops

Larry Wheeler, Charles Allhands, and Tom Wirth

The Professional Staff will display the COE Shopsa?? capabilities, training available to COE students, the Shopsa?? role in the Makerspace Plan, and related unique training aids.

3D Print Tank at UW-Madison

Natalie Rudolph, William Aquite

The 3D Print Tank is a group of faculty and staff working in the area of 3D printing: ranging from research to education to print services across the UW Madison campus. Our mission is to improve the accessibility of 3D printing technologies as well as to provide a knowledge base for students and researchers, who want to a??make” objects using these technologies.

Makerspace Equipment

Examples of several types of equipment being considered for integration as part of the Makerspace will be exhibited by manufacturer representatives. Equipment will be functional to the extent possible.

Types of equipment on display include:

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