2022 Request for Proposals

2021 Funded Projects

  1. Dan Negrut, “ME468: Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics Modeling and Simulation”
  2. Nimish Pujara and Chin Wu, “Revitalizing the laboratory curriculum for CEE 310: Fluid Mechanics”
  3. Amanda Smith and Hannah Silber, “Improving Statistics Training in the College of Engineering”
  4. Xiangru Xu,  “Introduction to Feedback Control of Autonomous Systems”

2019 Funded Projects

  1. Hannah Blum, “Virtual and Mixed Reality Teaching Lab for Engineering Education”
  2. Bernard Lesieutre and Laurent Lessard, “Data Science Course Development in the Electrical Engineering Curriculum”
  3. Naomi Chesler, Christa Wille, and Colleen Witzenburg, “Engineering Human Movement through the Motion Laboratory”
  4. Jeremy D Rogers, “Extensible laboratory modules for Biomedical Engineering”

2017 Request for Proposals

2017 Budget Template Excel Format

2016 Funded Projects

  • Andrea Hicks (CEE) and Kathryn Kalscheur, “Designing for Environmental Sustainability.”
  • Scott Williams (Wisconsin Energy Institute), John Murphy (EP), Michael Cheadle (ME), and Giri Venkataramanan (ECE), “Projects in Energy and Sustainability,” (funded jointly with the Wisconsin Energy Institute).
  • Kristofer Dressler (ME), Greg Nellis (ME), and Corrine Henak (ME), “Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Retain Underrepresented and At-Risk Students in Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison ME 151: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering,” (funded jointly with the Mechanical Engineering Department).
  • Eric Codner (CBE), “Microfluidic Fabrication Facility for the COE Maker Space,” (funded jointly with the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department).

2016 Request For Proposals